Nick Cash.
born oxford 5/11/55

(Nick in English slang means to steal... Nick Cash... Steal Money)

Original Punk Rocker.

What follows is My Boigraphy of Nick Cash by JC Carroll.

Nick Cash's punk rock pedigree goes back a long way, he went to St Martins Art School with a guy from my old school Rory Byrne, . But I digress also in Nicks year at St Martins was Glen Matlock. Nick played drums with Glens band a few times because they weren't sure whether the drummer Paul cook was ready to give up his day job for the band.


That was in 1975 the band went on to become The Sex Pistols. Inspired in part by Glens paint spattered trousers Nick went on to open one of the countrys first ever punk clothing stores.

Pollock's with Glen Matlock.


77ish Keith Lucas spotted Nick walking down the road in Brixton asked him if he was a musician
(he was carrying NME when he replied he was a drummer Keith asked him up for an audition.
Nick went to meet up with 999 and tried out on drums, Nick Cash felt that the songs were a bit cartoonish and wasn't all that impressed the feeling was probably mutual. When Keith Lucas first asked Nick C what his name was nick replied, Nick Cash.... Yeh thats your Punk name Great innit... (in those days all punks had johnny rotten, sid vicious (type) punk names) No replied Nick THAT IS MY REAL NAME..After the audition Nick Cash told 999 about an abandoned bakery whichhad a basenent with electricity still on the building was in the same block as Pollock's. 999 used it for rehearsing in for a few months before it was knocked down.The bass player bumped into Nick C and mentioned that Keith thought Nick Cash was a great name and could he use it Nick replied "no he fucking well cant I might need it one day" Unfortunately Keith Lucas decided to use it anyway causing a major headache later whenboth people were registered with PRS and small sums of money were attributed to the wrong person. The real Nick Cash has spent many tens of pounds trying to get his name back for his own use. Keith Lucas continues to borrow the name Nick Cash to front his band 999 and still uses it
31 years later. JC says."I was inspired by Nicks name to rename the Members Nicky Ritz. Nick Tesco (In 1977 Tescos was the cheapest store in the
UK so literal meaning Steal from the cheapest)."


Nick went on to play with many punk and art punk Bands, He Supported the Members in The Lines and Prag Vec and then helped launch The Synth
Rock or Electronic Movement on the first Fad Gadget album "Fireside Favourites" with another St Martins aluminii Frank Tovey. Nick went on to tour and record with Frank for many years. till 1986 5 albums returned 2001.


1991Nick and Giles Perring formed the Unmen a soundtrack avant rock and ambient combo. they recorded Love under Water 1992 on Some Bizzare
"Music in Motion" Handlebar records/ Vinyl Japan 1995.

NICK CASH The Rock is in the Lapt0p

When I began recording and producing records in my Basement Studio it was a direct result of my association with two people. Mark Mellor,
who taught me how to engineer and produce records on my Apple powerbook. and Nick Cash who dragged his drums and lines guitarist
Mick Linehan into my Basement to record the track "M1D1FECRi5i5" for my comeback album, The Rock is in the Lapt0p. We formed a basic recording unit a sort of post punk tornados meets Joe Meek that quickly produced four albums. The Rock is in The Lapt0p, Strangers and
, Modern Folk and New English Blues Volume I. Here is the Instrumental Moon Roc Recorded By JC and Nick.

JC & The Disciples.
When Asked to do a Live show for the Portobello Music Festival I assembled Nigel from the Members, Eliett from my old Folk Group the
Wise Monkeys, Nick Cash and various others into a loose band... Nick Named them JC and the Disciples.. The Name stuck and we played an eclectic mix of Electro Punk Folk sometimes joined by Chris Payne and Nigel from the Members and occasionally Nick Tesco. The Unit became more stable and the regular line-up became JC Guitar Nick Drums and Phill Legg Bass sometimes joined by Nigel Bennett or Neil Anderson on Guitar.

The Children of 7 and The Goldborne Variations.

In 2008 Nick and I (with Nigel ) began laying down backing tracks at Living Room studios down for what is to become New English Blues Volumes II and III we invited another two old Mates down. Guy Pratt and Chester Kamen the resulting Jam was a 9 minute piece initially called Goldborne Road. After months of editing and fiddling this one piece of music became 7 pieces of a suite of songs called "The Goldborne Variations". The Children of 7 is the Name of a Band that I formed with Chris Payne and Guy Pratt in 1982 we made I record for Stiff records, it was a very important record for Guy Pratt as it was his first every record and first published work. He has gone on to become one of the worlds most respected bass players played with lots of
established artists from Michael Jackson to Madonna. His is most closely associated with Pink Floyd with whom he played bass for exclusively (Since the departure of Roger Waters) for at least a decade. Guy also played bass on M1DL1FECRi5i5. Although he is a superstar bass player he is always up for a jam or a session with his old mates. Here is a Clip of Nick playing with Guy.. the Goldborne Bass Solo


I was approached By Darren from Crucial Talent to put the Members Back together I had to ask Nick, he had been playing with me for five years I had known him for 30 years, with Nigel perpetually on tour with the Vibrators, Adrian Busy running a Property company and Nick Retired from live work for Heath Reasons. It is Chris Payne Myself and Nick Cash that are touring as the Members.

Nick is Approaching 9 Years with The Members he is also a working Artist exhibiting Collages and his his own work. He has also played with The Horseless Headmen and The Wise Monkeys.


So when people ask me is it Nick Cash from 999 is say NO its THE REAL



this was written by JC Carroll in May 2017

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