Album:- InGrrLand.
Artist:- The Members

This is the fourth Studio Album by the Band. This Features Rat Scabies on Drums on 4 Classic Members Tracks, Rat has been Rocking Live with the Band for 18 Months when this Album was finished. Tho some sessions date back to 2008 when JC Carroll, Nigel Bennett and Nick Cash recorded Some Backing Tracks. The Classic Members format is here Massive anthems Tales of Divorce in North London, Grungey Rock Huge Guitars. This Has everything you expect from an English institution like The Members. JC Carroll Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys Chris Payne, Bass, Vocals, Keys, Guitar,Rat Scabies, Drums 2,3,4 & 7 Nick Cash, Drums 1,8,9 & 10
Nigel Bennet Guitar on 3,7,9


1 New English Blues Part 2 [4:09] (Carroll)
2 Firebrigade (2:26) (Roy Wood)
3 Nw10 [4:22] (Carroll)
4 Bleak [5:01] (Payne)
5 (I Love My) English Girls [5:28] (Carroll)
6 Virus [4:22] (Payne)
7 Ain' Gon' Be Yo' Bitch No Mo' [4:32] (Carroll)
8 M1DL1FECRi5i5 [2:45] (Carroll)
9 Remember Us [4:19] (Carroll)
10 Set The Controls [4:52] (Carroll)
11 (We're Gonna Be) Huge [3:15] (Carroll)
12 Free At Last [3:55] (Payne)

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Produced by JC Carroll and David M Allen





Album:- 21st Century Blues Artist:- Jay Cee Carroll
Featuring a cast of Legendary Guitarists from all over the world via Internet collaborations. This is Jay Cee's Follow up to the critically acclaimed "New English Blues Volume 1" JC takes the English Blues Genre and extends it into the 21st Century adding Fat Synth Basses Drum Loops zithers mandolins Rap versions of Folk Songs Punk Blues updates on Spoonfull culminating in the Blues Prog oddyssy the 17 and halve minute "Voodoo Childe Surrey Boy Keytar man" As it says on the Cover this is not an album for Blues Purists. But it is another bold experiment from the Surrey Maverick.

Album:- Modern Folk Artist:- JC Carroll
Modern Folk is an album that mixes Balkan Gypsy,Pre War Blues, Bluegrass Stomp, English Folk, Zydeco, Music Hall and Acoustic Punk,a sort of Alt. Caucasian primordial soup that bears JC's unmistakable Signature. Broken banjos echo round deserted houses, Accordians and Mandolins whirl round wedding parties this album is the culmination of JC's 20 years research into the music that makes the 20th Century… Standout Tracks Nightshift, Sound of the Suburbs, House of the Risin Sun.

strangersAlbum:- Strangers and Fiction
Artist:- JC Carroll and Various Artists

Strangers and Fiction. Documents a year of recording projects with complete strangers met on the internet . This Album contains songs in Russian French and american and was recorded on PC's in Moscow, Paris , the netherlands, Florida, Mitchigan, Mississippi London Ispswich Pittsburg Manchester and Surrey, This is a True World Music recording project. Standout Tracks. "Gimme the Truth", Cheyne Prides "Bad Girl" and Xenias extraordinary Russian "Sea Lullaby".


neb1sAlbum:- New English Blues Volume 1
Artist:- JC Carroll and Guests

Having mastered the recording process this album sees JC's motoring. A Lovingly crafted concept album that starts with the Dapper Kinksian "New English Blues Part 1" and ends up in an Explosive stoneesque "I aint working' for the man no more." This album also contains the BBC radio Hit "Caveman TV" a Song best described as the Waterboys meet Hawkweed, a summer festival anthem. Bowie Floyd and The Stooges are all referenced on this album. Guest Guitarist, Mark Cloutier, Nigel Bennett, Nigel Potter Al Howe and Mississippi Spud all add sparkle to this accomplished album.

knoxsSingle:- Knoxville Girl
Artist:- JC Carroll

Described as Gothic Americana Hillbliiy Electro this sees JC renew the working relationship with David "dare" Allen. David worked on the last members Album with Super Electro pioneer Martin Rushent. JC recorded this and Dave mixed it. Not Available on CD Download Only Knoxville Girl (Extended Mix) - Single - J.C. Carroll

Single:- International Financial Crisis
Artist:- The Members.

Another Single and another Dave Allen Production this sees Members Nicky Tesco and Chris Payne re-work the 1979 Members Classic Offshore Banking Business into a song that tells the story of the 2009 world-wide financial meltdown.

International Postage

Album:- The Goldborne Variations.
Artist:- The Children of Seven.

Pink Floyd's Long term bass player and super session man Guy Pratt and guitarists Chester Kamen and Nigel Bennett Joined JC and Drummer Nick Cash in a 15 Minute Jam in a west London Studio. This became the basis of what would become another concept album, crafted over a year in JC's West Byfleet Studio. From its simple acoustic intro through flamenco, pumpin electro, arabic and this album progresses into a full blown Prog Whig out. Featuring guest Vocals of the Members Chris Payne and Florida Based Jennifer Pearl The Golborne Variations is a stunning Piece of Work and was mixed lovingly by Dave Allen on the Connie Plank Krautrock Desk.

solidsAlbum:- SOLID GOLD HITS.
Artist:- JC Carroll -
Solid Gold Hits from the internet is exactly that. It is three year since JC's music went online (2006) since then he has clocked up over 150,000 individual plays for his music from people all over the world, from Hip Hoppers, Proggers Punkers to World Music fans. During the Last 3 years JC Carroll has released 5 Albums sold downloads and made new friends all over the world. He has collaborated with an office girl in moscow, a roofer from holland, a railway workers from france, a heating engineer from maryland, a lawyers from florida, a bluesmen from new York, a guitar pickers from the texas, the mississippi delta, surrey, east anglia... the list goes on. Whilst JC's early production is Lo-Fi what shines through is the variety and quality of the songwriting,


berlinsAlbum:- Live in Berlin.
Artist:- The Members

After 30 year the Power of the members live set is undiminished. The Members were always a live band so was time they made a live album
Featuring JC on Guitar and vocals Chris on Bass and Vocals and Nick Cash on drums,this album was Recorde in one Crazy Night in Berlins European Capital of Punk Kreusberg. "Live in Berlin" Catches the all the Classic Members Hits in one Long mosh Pit extravaganza, Suburbs is Here Solitary is here as are Great Versions of Working Girl and the members Version of the Model. Once again Mixed By Dave Allen this album is a must for serious Members Fans. After JC's serious concept albums this album is a definate return to the old School.

lasAlbum:- Live Acoustic trio
Artist:- JC Carroll featuring Tony reeves and Joe Wooley.
This Album is the product of Tony and JC meeting playing and getting on together at Jo Woolleys The Bard Beat and Blues Club in Camden, the combination of Tonys Jazzy and accomplished double bass seemed to gel immediately with JC's Tenor Guitar, Mandola and Accordian. The Set consists of JC's Songs about Love, Life Death Divorce and his intepretation of Folk Music Hall and Traditional Tunes. Outstanding Tracks, Caveman TV Golborne Road and So Many Shades of Blue If you cannot travel to one of JC's acoustic Shows buy this album.