• JC CARROLL Music Resource and Audio Library.


Your Project Is important to You ...

So it is important to us. Whether you are a Advertising Creative looking for that right piece of music for your campaign, a Music Producer working on a Major Movie or a student or Guerilla Filmaker working on a shoe string.

Music is important to your project * Music is the Key * Music triggers emotions.

You will find Music from this resource on.

  • Advertising Campaigns like Tesco Sport for Schools,
  • Movies featuring Johnny Depp, Marlon Brando, Robert Di Nero, Faye Duanaway, Jolie Richardson and other Hollywood Stars.
  • JC's Music Productions and commercially available DVDs and iTunes Music Store.
  • Independant and Guerilla Films

JC recently got called in to rescue some scenes on Julien Temples's excellent Joe Strummer Biog. "The Future is Unwritten." He has also worked with uber music Producer Steve "Chick" Mc Laughlin providing cues and specialist parts for Hollywood Movies .

Last year JC had the music on four films in the independant Portobello Film Festival.

He has also worked as Musical Director for many of the legendary Nottinghill Pantos.


To use this Page properly you need to know what Palettes and Instruments Combinations JC and his Collaborators use. Many people for instance associate him with PUNK Rock, But do not Know He has had a long and fruitfull association with The Accordian and Mandolin and he is Passionate about Klezmer and Zydeco as well as Cajun and Irish Music. He recently finished a Progressive Rock Opera (New English Blues Volumes I II and III)

He is Also well Known for Reggae and Dub but you may not know of his semi classic compositions and his work in Music Hall and Panto. Please take a minute to listen to some of the pieces below to get an idea of the breadth of the work in this resource.


Cajun Accordian and Fiddle

Bonzos Type 20's Ukelele

EPIC Rock and Classical

European Gypsy Air, "Chanson Tsigana"

Farewell Ireland

Twangy Rockin' Surf Instrumental

Klezmer (Jewish/american/European Folk)

the Good the Bad and The Spaggetti Soundtrack

Retreat From Moscow (Programmed)

Cor Blimey a Cockney Knees Up

Mantovani type Sugary Accordian Waltz

Stooges MC5, Style Rocking' Guitars

Empty Road, Ghost Town, Americana

Mystery and Old School Synths