Are these three men THE Best Acoustic Trio in Britain?

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L to R Tony Reeves , JC Carroll and Joe Woolley Picture ©Terence Madden

The JC Carroll Acoustic Trio has a great Past, Present and Future.

Born in a Cellar Bar in Camden that is a monument to the founding father of British Folk Guitar Davey Graham, this Band has more then a passing relationship with the Great Man. Bass player Tony Reeves accompanied Davey on his most famous albums "Folk Blues and Beyond" and "Midnight Man", whilst Guitarist Joe Woolley was his last protégé. Add to this mix singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist JC Carroll you get a new take on "Folk Blues and Beyond." From gentle Astral weeks style "Caveman TV" songs to Arabic/Jazz crossover "Golborne Road" there is a fluidity to this Trio that encompasses so many genres and yet defies pigeonholes. Here you will find English Folk Songs, Appallacian Murder Ballads, British Blues, Arabic Jazz and JC's stories of love life divorce and death in the suburbs all wrapped in a amazingly fluid accompaniment of String Bass, Guitar, Mandolin Accordion and Baritone Ukelele.

Carroll's Million Selling classic 1979 Sound of the Suburbs recently revived by Ade Edmundson's Bad Shepherds (Carroll guested with The Bad Shepherds in Glastonbury) is represented in the set, but not as a folk punk pastiche, its here as part of JC's body of work, and for those of you who have been watching his progress from late seventies Pub Rock to accordionist to Film music composer, (He recently composed the score for Julien Temples Acclaimed London Movie) it's a great body of work and an interesting journey. His songs, stripped down to a bare bones acoustic shine through the set as does his narrative and wit.



Tony Reeves is the Prog Professor Joe Woolley is the New Generation Finger Style Guitarist and JC Carroll is the Mouthpiece and Multi-instrumential.

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To Hear extracts of the Live Show follow these links


Joe Wooley - Love Will Change Solo

Golborne Road
Caveman TV
• Blues Chat
• So Many Shades of Blue


The first recorded offering from the trio is a live recording of the band's very first gig, imaginatively titled "Live Acoustic", available on iTunes and Amazon, and Mail order in the USA

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